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Live from Prague airport

A heart matter not only for rock planespotters, but for all aircraft lovers. You can watch several live broadcasts from Prague's Václav Havel Airport (Prague / Ruzyně Airport). Keep track of normal airport traffic as well as arrivals and departures of the most attractive machines on the main runway 24/06. What's more, you won't miss out on the 12/30 track. All of this is underlined by the eye-catching communication of the pilots with the control tower.
Are you wondering where or where the machine is going, what logojets you see in Prague or what is the exact type of the machine on the screen? In this case, you are transmitting with infographics. However, if you prefer the pure beauty of airborne machines, transmission without infographics gives you the ultimate in uninterrupted experience.

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The regular operation of Václav Havel Airport as well as extraordinary events such as the arrival of famous personalities and interesting types of aircraft or the launching of new machines can be viewed on in four transmissions 24 hours a day! Did you know that, for example, the Airbus A380, the world's largest airliner, appears in Prague every day? Watch non-live events in the "Recordings" section or go back up to three and a half hours with Timeshift right in the video.

Main partner:

The main partner of the event is Prague Airport, the operator of the most important international airport in the Czech Republic. Václav Havel Airport Prague has the status of one of the fastest growing airports in the category of 10–25 million passengers in Europe. Every year, this international air port handles over 15 million passengers. Over the course of the year, they have an offer of nearly 70 airlines connecting Prague with a direct line with more than 160 destinations around the world. There are also 8 regular cargo carriers and dozens of companies provide charter services. Prague Airport employs approximately 2,400 employees, with an estimated more than 14,000 people employed by or operating at the airport.

Technology partners:

Axis Communications is a technology partner providing hardware solutions. As a leader in network video, Axis offers products and services for video surveillance and video analysis, access control and audio systems. You can watch Slow TV broadcasts with three cameras. AXIS Q6215-LE rotating network camera with IR illumination up to 400 meters plays the main role in the Prague Airport transmission. Planespotting is handled by the AXIS Q1785-LE static camera and the AXIS P5635 rotary camera, provided by the CamStreamer streaming application behind the installation by NetRex.

Planespotting cameras are connected to the Internet using O2's 4G LTE network. O2 is the largest integrated provider of telecommunications services on the Czech market. It currently operates nearly eight million mobile and fixed lines, making it one of the leading providers of fully convergent services in Europe.

Community Partner:

More detailed information about aircraft at Václav Havel Airport (Prague / Ruzyně), photos and tips for interesting flights can be found at, the portal on transport flying in the Czech Republic and elsewhere. Thanks to you always have the latest news from the Prague airport.

We thank all partners!

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